Sizing Info

Shifter Options

Production bikes come with a folding shift lever mounted to the engine at a fixed distance from the footpeg. As this distance is crucial to proper engagement of the lever with the foot while standing on the footpegs. The manufacturers set this distance based upon the foot size of their model size rider for each bike type. In most cases, the footpeg/shifter compartment is sized for a rider with a boot size in the range of an eight or nine boot size. For riders with larger or smaller than average sized feet, the footpeg/shifter compartment is either cramped or too wide and the rider must change stance to comfortably and safely engage the shifter. Unfortunately, while changing stance makes shifting easier, it also places the rider in an awkward and imbalanced position on the footpegs.


Hammerhead Shift Tips and Shift Lever Kits eliminate that problem!




Brake Options

The Hammerhead™ Shift and Brake Tips are designed to fit different boot sizes. Follow our sizing charts, to help guide you to find the correct Shift or Brake Tip. Note that the offset recommendation listed refers to the length compared to the stock position which is not always a Zero Tip (in particular, the CRF450R/X, comes with a +10 tip as stock so a recommendation of +5 for a boot size of 10 would require a +15 tip for this model)

Keep tuned in for announcements on our new Products!


Rear Brake Pedal Options

Brake Pedal Arms using the Titanium bolt-on tips and the Rotating bolt-on Tips allow the tip to be mounted in various positions on the arm, as seen the photos above.


Brake Tips for OEM