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KTM Type 1/Type 2 Forged Brake Pedal & Shift Lever Combo Kit

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  • KTM Type 1/Type 2 Forged Brake Pedal & Shift Lever Combo Kit

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    *High strength forged 6061 aluminum brake pedal and shift lever*


    • Three optional locations for brake tip to fit your riding preference
    • Brake Snake helps prevent damage in the event of a crash (included)
    • Optional Pro Spring Kit for better spring placement
    • UV anodizing for durability
    • OEM Shift Tip™ length and color
    • Includes forged brake pedal, forged shift lever with OEM color tip, standard aluminum brake tip of OEM color, brake snake, and stainless steel hardware
    • PLEASE NOTE: Hammerhead™ CNC offset replacement Shift Tip™s will NOT mount to Forged Shift Levers
    • PLEASE NOTE: Kit does NOT include a brake clevis

    Additional Information

    Product Features --shift lever:-- lighter and stronger than the stock lever forged using 6061 aluminum shift tip™ is cnc precision machined from 6061 aluminum stainless steel return spring uv anodizing for durability --brake pedal:-- forged using 6061 aluminum two optional locations for brake tip to fit your riding preference four brake tip options to also fit your preference (sold seperatley) brake snake to prevent damage in a crash (included) optional pro spring kit for better spring placement (sold separately)
    Tech Specs use of thread lock on the pinch bolt (or mounting bolt for ktm) on shift levers is highly discouraged and voids any warranty on the shift lever product.
    proper torque must be maintained (and checked regularly) and the use of waterproof grease is the best way to obtain proper torque. refer to your oem owner's manual for torque specifications.
    <span style="color: rgb(255, 69, 0);">please note hammerhead™ cnc replacement shift tip™s will not mount to forged shift lever.</span>

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    KTM 2003 250MXC  
    KTM 2003 300EXC  
    KTM 2003 300EXC SIX DAYS  
    KTM 2003 300MXC  
    KTM 2004 125EXC SIX DAYS  
    KTM 2004 125SX  
    KTM 2004 200EXC  
    KTM 2004 200SX  
    KTM 2005 125EXC SIX DAYS  
    KTM 2005 125SX  
    KTM 2005 125SX TYLA RATTRAY  
    KTM 2005 200EXC  
    KTM 2006 125EXC SIX DAYS  
    KTM 2006 125SX  
    KTM 2006 200XC  
    KTM 2006 200XCW  
    KTM 2007 125SX  
    KTM 2007 144SX  
    KTM 2007 200XC  
    KTM 2007 200XCW  
    KTM 2007 450SXF  
    KTM 2007 505SXF  
    KTM 2008 125SX  
    KTM 2008 144SX  
    KTM 2008 200XC  
    KTM 2008 200XCW  
    KTM 2008 450SMR  
    KTM 2008 450SXF  
    KTM 2008 450XCF  
    KTM 2008 505SXF  
    KTM 2008 505XCF  
    KTM 2009 125SX  
    KTM 2009 150SX  
    KTM 2009 200XC  
    KTM 2009 200XCW  
    KTM 2009 250XCFW  
    KTM 2009 450SMR  
    KTM 2009 450SXF  
    KTM 2009 450XCF  
    KTM 2009 505XCF  
    KTM 2010 125SX  
    KTM 2010 150SX  
    KTM 2010 150XC  
    KTM 2010 200XCW  
    KTM 2010 250XCFW  
    KTM 2010 450SXF  
    KTM 2011 125SX  
    KTM 2011 150SX  
    KTM 2011 150XC  
    KTM 2011 200XCW  
    KTM 2011 250XCF SIX DAYS  
    KTM 2011 350SXF  
    KTM 2011 350XCF  
    KTM 2011 450SXF  
    KTM 2012 125SX  
    KTM 2012 150SX  
    KTM 2012 150XC  
    KTM 2012 200XCW  
    KTM 2012 350SXF  
    KTM 2012 350XCF  
    KTM 2012 450SMR  
    KTM 2012 450SXF  
    KTM 2013 125SX  
    KTM 2013 150SX  
    KTM 2013 150XC  
    KTM 2013 200XCW  
    KTM 2013 250SXF  
    KTM 2013 250XCF  
    KTM 2013 350SXF  
    KTM 2013 350XCF  
    KTM 2014 125SX  
    KTM 2014 150SX  
    KTM 2014 150XC  
    KTM 2014 200XCW  
    KTM 2014 250SXF  
    KTM 2014 250XCF  
    KTM 2014 350SXF  
    KTM 2014 350XCF  
    KTM 2015 125SX  
    KTM 2015 150SX  
    KTM 2015 200XCW  
    KTM 2015 250SXF  
    KTM 2015 250XCF  
    KTM 2015 350SXF  
    KTM 2015 350XCF  
    KTM 2016 200XCW  
    KTM 2016 350XCF  
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